Luxe Appartement Oostende

Luxe Appartement Oostende Ostend
Luxe Appartement Oostende
Vindictivelaan 23, be, 8400, Luxe Appartement Oostende
  • Price from: 95 EUR
Terrace, Parking, Family Rooms, Free Parking *

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  • The barquentine Mercator lies at anchor in Oostende, Belgium. She was named after Gerardus Mercator (1512–1594), Flemish cartographer. She was designed by the Antarctic explorer Adrien de Gerlache (1866–1934) as a training ship for the Belgian merchant fleet (...)

  • Sint-Petrus-en-Pauluskerk (Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul), the main church of Ostend, Belgium is a Roman Catholic Neo-Gothic church. It is built on the ashes of a previous church that occupied the site. King Leopold II enthusiastically supported a plan to build a new and more magnificent (...)

  • | |- | |- | |} Ostend is a Belgian city and municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. It comprises the boroughs of Mariakerke (West Flanders), Stene and Zandvoorde, and the city of Ostend proper – the largest on the Belgian coast. (...)

  • The 29th IAAF World Cross Country Championships were held 24-25 March 2001 in Ostend, Belgium. (...)

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